Ways to turn off the option to view messages in Messenger

Facebook is a widely discussed medium of social communication. And the popular medium of chatting is now Facebook Messenger. However, many times we may not want to chat with anyone. Again, I do not want to talk to many or there may be any trouble. But when that person goes through one nick or massage after another, it becomes a bit of a hassle to ignore him. Because once the massage scene is over, it is no longer possible to ignore him. This is why I am telling you how to turn off the scene option in Messenger.

Ways to turn off scene options in Messenger

Android Phone: Drag down the top bar of the Android phone and click on the airplane icon to activate the flight mode. If you do not find the option in the drop down menu, go to settings. Flight mode option will be available there.

IPhone: To turn off the scene option on the iPhone, go to settings and click on the airplane icon to activate the flight mode. When the flight mode is activated, go to Messenger and read the message. The sender will not even notice.

Chrome: Go to Google search bar and search by typing Ansin for Facebook. Then click on the search result that says ‘Ansin for Facebook-Chrome Web Store’.

Install the extension by clicking the Add to Chrome button. After installing the extension, a blue icon will appear on the top right of the search bar. By clicking here, you can change the various settings including turning off the scene option of Messenger.

Author: MNIF