This robot will find the right career for you

Blockchain Development or Business Analyst? Or Hospitality or Human Resources? Still do not understand what is right for your career? But this time all the problems will be solved with a few clicks!

Recently, on Saturday (September 5), the career prediction tool began its journey through an online event featuring Edugai and IBM.

An online career assistant called ECPT, which includes AI meaning ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and DL meaning ‘Deep Learning’, can easily help you choose a career path by becoming your friend or guardian.

The participants analyzed three different stages over a 120-minute period. The first is the attitude level, the second is the aptitude level, and the third is the aspiration level.

In these three steps, the place of desire or choice of the students is identified through observation on different graphs and scales. If a student does not like this online result, he can try again.

Suvarna Bose, the current CEO of Edugai, is the main promoter of this digital career assistant.But where did it begin? The question is, “He invented the idea when he saw his son and his son’s friend in conflict over the choice of subject for higher education.”

Subarna Bose said, ‘ECPT is the predictive test of Edugai career. Each student spends 120 minutes trying to figure out exactly what they like. Many students may spend a lot of time fixing that. These 120 minutes will tell you which career is best for which student. Or which 3 careers are best for students. ‘

Initially, this career test will be available for only Rs. This is of course an introductory offer. Once the offer is over, the cost of this test will be 2499 rupees.

Not only new students, but also those who are thinking of changing their careers can choose the subject of their choice through this test.

Traveling around the globe, talking to big technology experts, the decision to create the ECPT was made after the data had been stored. IBM experts have outlined this in a joint venture with Edugai.

Sandeep Patel, Director, IBM, India and Southeast Asia, said, “IBM has always focused on three issues. What we are doing for business and society is to increase education and skills, and to bring artificial experts from India to India. ‘

Author: MNIF