If you sleep for 9 hours every day, you will get a salary of $1000

There may be no shortage of sleepy people in the world. But just knowing that sleep will not be of any use, many people may not sleep much even if they want to. But there is an organization called WakeFit that brings good news for sleep-deprived people. They are paying lakhs of rupees only for sleeping. Surprisingly, they really offered MTA. The condition is to sleep only 9 hours in a row. And that will match one lakh rupees.

‘WakeFit’ is going to take such a fancy initiative to free people from various sleep problems. Under the terms given to them, they will pay Rs 1 lakh for 9 hours of sleep every day.

There are many of us who suffer from insomnia. This time the company has started an internship program to get rid of that problem. The project is called ‘Wakefit Slip Internship’. According to the company, the program lasts for a total of 100 days and has been advertised on the company’s website.

The ad says, can you sleep nine hours a night instead of watching your favorite shows? If you can, you will be the most qualified candidate for our internship program! What to do in this internship? It is written in the job description, you just have to sleep and nothing else. However, there are some conditions that must be met by the participants in the internship program.

The candidate will be selected who can fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed. In other words, a candidate who can fall asleep whenever he gets the time and opportunity is desirable. Candidates should not stay up late. Ignore notifications on your phone. That is, all temptations must be removed to prevent sleep. This will be the job of the interns.

The interns have to sleep on the mattress provided by the company. They will be targeted through slip trackers on behalf of the company. Accordingly there will be opportunities for counseling where a good night’s sleep will be advised.

Author: MNIF