Facebook is going to be in a tough position

Facebook, a popular social media site, is cracking down on racist, obscene and provocative posts. The company said that from October 1, some strict rules are being introduced for Facebook users.

Forbes reported on Tuesday that Facebook had announced changes to its terms and services. They will take tougher action on racist, obscene and provocative content. Facebook is also going to pay special attention to political posts.

According to the news, Facebook can delete or restrict access to the user’s content if they want. If there is a risk of legal complications due to the content, Facebook can take this step regarding that content.

Earlier, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook users have to make important decisions every day to keep them safe, prevent harmful political content or cyber attacks.

“Facebook is now the most popular platform for entrepreneurs, in addition to maintaining healthy friendships and keeping in touch with the world,” Zuckerberg said. Therefore, to get all the benefits, while using Facebook, you have to be careful not to make hateful comments, fake information and provocative propaganda from your own account.

Author: MNIF