Emergency lung exercise after recovery from corona

The worldwide epidemic of coronavirus has infected three and a quarter million people. Death has surpassed 7 lakh 8 thousand. New attacks and deaths are being added every day. Recovering from corona does not mean that your danger is gone. Lung exercises are very important for them after recovery. The advice of experts in this regard is highlighted:

Free hand exercises: You can do plank, side plank, push up etc. exercises to increase the strength. Try to take long breaths while standing to increase oxygen circulation to the lungs. In addition, while exercising, you have to breathe hard and release slowly. It increases the muscle strength of the body.

Yoga: To increase the supply of oxygen to the body, sit in the lotus position with both hands straight, keeping the spine straight, inhale through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. Hold the nose on the right side with one finger and breathe on the left side. Exhale slowly with full breath. Mountain yoga or tarasana is also quite effective in increasing lung function.

Walk: Try to walk regularly after recovering from corona. In this way you can understand the state of breath in your body. Normally, the amount of oxygen in the lungs is less than before, so you will breathe less. There is no problem. Walking patiently every day will increase the efficiency of the lungs.

Weight training: It is difficult to say how long the fatigue will last after recovering from corona. Someone may be tired for a month or more. However, there is no doubt that the efficiency of the body will be reduced. In addition to walking and light free hands, the practice of weight training exercises will also increase the efficiency of the body. Longer breathing and slower exhalation will also increase the circulation of oxygen to the lungs.

Lying Exercise: Lie on your back with a pillow on your chest and breathe loudly. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Now exhale slowly. Inhale and exhale repeatedly. This position is very beneficial for the corona patient. This will help exchange oxygen from your lungs to the blood.

Adequate sleep: There is no alternative to sleep. Get into the habit of going to bed on time and getting up early. Since the body becomes weak with little work; So you need to increase the amount of sleep. Try to stay on the porch or roof in the morning. Especially in the morning, the amount of oxygen in the air is high. The air in this period is beneficial for your lungs.

Author: MNIF