Corona – affected expatriates are on the rise in Italy

Anti-mask protests have taken place in the capital, Rome, three days after Italy banned the use of masks. Meanwhile, governors are considering lockdowns in various provinces of the country as the number of victims of the second wave of corona continues to rise. Expatriate Bangladeshis are also worried now.

Citizens across the country have once again staged anti-mask protests in the capital, Rome, after the use of masks outside the home was made mandatory. Many of the participants in the second anti-mask rally, which took place in a month, wore masks according to the law.
They say they have been forced to wear masks. Many of those who did not read have been fined and detained from the rally.

While the number of victims in the northern provinces was alarming at the time of the lockdown in Italy, the number was relatively low in many areas, including the capital, Rome, and the Compania division. In the second wave, the southern divisions are being affected much more than during the lockdown.De Luka, the governor of the Campania department, expressed anger at the citizens for not following the hygiene rules, saying a lockdown would be announced again if the number of victims increased.
Expatriate Bangladeshis are now panicked as the number of people affected by corona has increased. They requested everyone to follow the hygiene rules.
More than 10,000 people have been infected with corona in Italy in the past two days. But the hope is that the death toll is lower than the number of victims

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Author: MNIF